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Home school support is our primary focus and we offer a variety of services surrounding home school support such as:

Learning Timetables

Assists the learners in coping and ensuring that work is completed timeously.


We assist learners with concepts and content through explanations, online resources or an additional exercise.

Reinforce Skills

Organizational and study skills to assist student become independent and self disciplined.

Progress Focused

We focus more on on progress than performance in order to lessen anxiety or stress of the learners.

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Why is home school support important?

Home school support encourages learner independence and confidence. With the help of fully qualified teachers, small groups, a calm and organised atmosphere – we aim to embrace the socio economic well being of each student.

Our vision statement is to inspire personal growth and success through creativity, collaboration and connectedness. Our mission is to provide a supportive and engaging environment which promotes ownership of learning and has a focus on personal-development over academic performance.

Now is the time…

With the shadow of the second wave upon us, the likelihood of home schooling becoming a necessity in the near future is increasing. Let us prepare ourselves for home schooling success – enroll now and let us help ease the stress of home schooling.

Home schooling success is within reach – let us guide and assist you in building and maintaining a strong home school routine and structure. Contact us today for find out more or enrol for 2021.

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