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Home School Support

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Why Home School Support:


Qualified Teachers

Qualified teachers who are familiar with CAPS curriculum and are experienced in their subject fields.


Small Groups

Low ratio of students to teachers so students can receive assistance either individually or in a small group

Beyond Academics

A holistic approach that embraces the socio-emotional well-being of each student.  Enhancing intra- and inter-personal skills is fundamental in an ever-changing world.


Calming and organised atmosphere

Different from the stressful and often overwhelming school atmosphere and different from the casual home environment.

Vision statement

To inspire personal growth and success through creativity, collaboration and connectedness.

Mission statement

To provide a supportive and engaging environment which promotes ownership of learning and has a focus on personal-development over academic performance.
Home School Support

How Do we Help?


Learning Timetable

Formulate a schedule for each term with the students. We list test and task due dates and create a learning timetable that the student can cope with and ensure that the work is completed timely.


Assist students with concepts and content, whether through an explanation, online resource or an additional exercise.

Reinforce Skills

Teach and reinforce organisational and study skills, so students can become independent and self-disciplined learners.

Progress Focused

Focus is placed on progress rather than performance, to lessen anxiety and stress of learners.

We Facilitate:


South African CAPS Curriculum; provided by an accredited curriculum provider


American GED (Matric Equivalent) completed through a licenced provider

Centre Details

  • Grades 8-12
  • Monday – Friday 8:00-13:00
  • 4 terms – same holidays as government schools
  • Fully equipped – every student will have his/her own space, access to WiFi and a large garden & outside seating for breaks.
  • Centre is situated in a well-known boomed-off area. Cameras are positioned in and around the centre. There is also a remote-controlled magnetic door for secure entry and exit.
  • 100 metres from Curro Aurora
  • Limited Space Available. Enrol Now – Contact Kaylene on 071 484 0766 or info@edyouzone.co.za

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88 Taurus Road, Sundowner

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