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Home schooling in South Africa
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Ed-You-Zone is an all-in-one education centre, offering a variety of programmes surrounding home schooling in South Africa.

Why is home schooling in South Africa so popular?

We all know how difficult it can be to balance our work life, family commitments, social life and children’s educational needs.  Ed-You-Zone offers the perfect support structure to assist you with the correct home schooling support you need. Home schooling has boomed since the start of the pandemic, and demand continues to increase.


We provide an environment for our students to Grow & Excel

Not only do we offer home schooling solutions, but the following services are also available to you:

  • Home school in South Africa
    • Small classes
    • Structured lessons
    • Qualifies teachers
  • Homework centre in Randburg
    • We facilitate homework with a strong focus on organisation and academic performance.
  • One on One Lessons
    • We offer tutored one-on-one lessons by highly experienced teachers
  • Study skill workshops
    • Individual and group workshops
    • Application of skills to students’ own work
    • Organisation, comprehensive strategies, summarising techniques and more.

Why is home schooling a good idea?

With added pressure surrounding the pandemic, most of us have suffered the impact of financial strain, challenging life changes, job losses and government restrictions which negatively impacted our income streams and general lifestyles.

support & guidance

ed-you-zone cares

Ed-You-Zone offers relief and support to parents who need that extra support and guidance relating to their children’s’ educational needs. Not all of us are ready to send our kids back to physical school environments, and even so, our children’s’ lives have been severely disrupted by the pandemic, which often means that they require additional support with academic commitments and support.

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